Should I shed my ‘good girl’ tag?

After having being excluded out of one to many Friday night office drinking sessions lately, I’ve been wondering whether it was time to shed my ‘good girl’ tag. For far too long, I’ve been known as someone who doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t smoke. Maybe it’s time I modified my post-office personality. Maybe it’s time to conform a little.

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines at the metaphorical water-cooler, of not understanding the inside jokes or being a part of the stories. Is it weird to want to win the approval of my co-workers? To want to be someone they would like to hang out with post-work hours? To want to be included?

Most people would say that it doesn’t matter that I don’t do that kind of stuff and that I’ll find my crowd. But what most don’t realize is that every drinking session that I’m not invited to, every weekend getaway I haven’t heard about is just one more lost opportunity for me to get to know these people or to connect with them. Without these opportunities, I’ll forever be just one step out of sync with them.


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