Bitten by the wanderlust bug

One of my biggest dreams has always been to travel the world. Go someplace new, step out of my shell, meet new people, have new experiences. And now I’m finally doing it. With this AIESEC internship, I’m taking the first step to doing something for me. This internship, no matter where it is or in what industry, could potentially change my life.

Some might say I’m being selfish and running away just because I can’t face the mess at work. Maybe I am running away. But I don’t care. For one of the first times, I’m taking a stand towards being the person I want to be.

I’m not delusional. I know that just by taking this internship, I’m not going to magically change overnight and become this hugely popular, engaging person like S. I’ll still be shy, defensive, little old me. But this internship could be the stepping stone to a new life.

Just imagine, being in a completely foreign environment with minimal support. If the adrenaline flowing through your veins and the butterflies buzzing in your stomach don’t push you to the best version of yourself, nothing ever will. The independence, the freedom, the experience; it’s all gonna change me and I can’t wait 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bitten by the wanderlust bug

  1. Taking the first step is the hardest, but you are doing the right thing!!! There is a whole world outside our comfort zones that will teach you more about yourself and the world than any job will. Good on you, and good luck 😊

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