Ramblings on the brink

Ever feel like you’re just waiting for your real life to start? All those dreams you had growing up of what your life would be like feels like it’s just around the corner, just out of your reach. You’re standing on the brink of something. You can feel it. It’s going to be great; it’s going to be awesome. If only it would start.

You find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder, constantly examining every moment, every decision. Wondering if that moment, that decision could be the opening you’ve been waiting for. That magical signal that activates the life you’ve been dreaming of. The life where you’re a cooler, smarter, prettier, more confident version of yourself. A glorious phoenix rising from the shadows of your old life.

But at what point do you stop trying to look for that magic moment that’s going to make everything better? At what point do you realize that this is your real life and that you’re missing it chasing rainbows. At what point do you decide to just focus on the here and now, to find the awesome in the moment.

Or do we ever stop looking ahead?


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