Do Boybands get a bad rap?

Often when asked about their favorite music or preferred genre, people tend to shy away from naming boybands for fear of being labelled in the thirteen-year-old-teenage-girl category. If you asked me which artists or genres were on my playlist, I probably wouldn’t own up to the boybands either. But truth be told, those boybands actually feature a major part of my music collection. They’re light, fun, breezy and have the power to turn my entire day around. So why do boybands get such a bad rap?

Boybands: Stealing hearts forever

Boybands: Stealing hearts forever

For most people, boybands are simply the latest craze that will pass soon enough. They believe that boybands don’t have the power to create songs that really resonate with people. Their music is simple and their lyrics almost nonsensical in their simplicity. The lyrics debate is one that’s hard to argue especially with songs like ‘Half a Heart‘, ‘Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely‘ and ‘Bubblin‘ making it to the top of the charts.

But do a few silly lyrics trivialize the importance of boybands? Shouldn’t they be treated as an acceptable genre?

In my head, boybands are the rom-coms of the music world. They’re the comfort music you go to when you’re having a bad day or the light-hearted music that instantly puts a smile on your face. Their songs are the ones that carried you through middle-school crushes, bad breakups and the excitement of new relationships. Those chart-topping hits and simple lyrics are now associated with some of your most important childhood memories.

So do boybands deserve a bad rap or do we need to redefine our musical benchmarks? Write to me below with your thoughts and your preferred boyband, if you had any.


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