Move over, Prince Charming

Forget Prince Charming or Mr Darcy or Edward Cullen, I want Matthew Hussey!

Stumbled on some his videos today and just fell in love.

The man is magical. I love the way he talks and connects with the camera. His style is so personal and affable. The eye contact isn’t constant throughout but it’s enough that you feel that he’s really listening to you during his monologue. He pauses in all the right places and his conversation has enough of both sides of the argument that he makes sure that you stay with him from start to finish. And the way he talks is so mesmerizing with an endearing mixture of charm, confidence and a dash of self-depreciation.

One particular video that stood out for me was an iHeart Radio conversation he had with a ‘shy, introverted’ woman that had called in. The way he handled the call just blew me away. From the way he listened to her question to helping her figure what she wanted in her perfect man to some tough love, he handled it like a pro. Even though I personally identified with the caller and the way she saw herself, I found myself nodding along to his advice and thinking ‘Why didn’t that occur to me?‘ or ‘Why am I not doing that?‘.

I found his style so easy and engaging and refreshing that I ended up binge-watching a couple more of his videos. And my admiration just increased. Definitely going to bookmark his website for future reference and come back once I’ve tried out some of his tips.

Wish me luck πŸ™‚


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