Look, that’s mine!

Writing has always been cathartic for me, a kind of love affair that has stayed true down the ages. From penning alternate realities to venting out into a journal at crucial moments, writing was something that came to me instinctively. To those reading this, I’ll admit I’m not the most eloquent or poetically correct of writers, but I do pride myself on being slightly to the right of the bell curve. (Hopefully that is not a prophetic statement.)

When I first started blogging, I just wanted to create a small, digital archive of my work. A small piece of me that is out there where I can say: ‘Look, I created that. That is me.

Just create something new – P.S. I Love You

Eventually, as with all creative projects that are shoved aside for daily routine tasks, my first blog floundered and died slowly in anonymity, mourned by barely a handful of friends and family.

With #Blogging101, I’m trying to change that cycle. Hopefully with a little bit of regular posting, I’ll find my voice. I’ll find a way to connect with and build my audience (the kind that aren’t here for a follow-back) and perhaps over time, create a blog that won’t perish anonymously because I got bored.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Look, that’s mine!

  1. Well, you’re definitely more eloquent than me, I’ll say. I have been similarly inconsistent with my blogging too and hoping that blogging101 is exactly the kick to get me blogging in the right gear! Here’s to keeping it up together! (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for myself too)

    If you have the chance, please do check out my first (long form, sorry for that) blogging101 post too: https://humsofsum.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/hello-again-wordpress-summer-in-present-2015/

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