A storm is coming

Image Credit: Fred Murray

Image Credit: Fred Murray

I’ve always loved that phrase. Simple yet prophetic. It could mean a good storm or a bad one but it brings with it a sense on anticipation. A sense of preparation. A sense of banked power just waiting to be unleashed. It’s a feeling I know well.

For years, I’ve lived intimately with that feeling. That feeling of being on the precipice of something, of waiting for something to happen. No single moment or person contributed to this feeling just a general, pervasive sense of waiting for something to come around the corner. Some would call that restlessness; others dissatisfaction with the here and the now. They’d both be right. 

It’s not a feeling that can be explained easily but one that is easily identifiable. It’s a special cocktail of wanderlust and dreams and boredom and nerves. It’s a feeling of waiting and preparing for the unknown, jumbled together with the certainty that something better is coming.

I’d like to believe that I’m not alone in this feeling. That it plagues the rest of my generation too. The constant need to look to the next horizon, to keep growing, to keep climbing. Always searching for the next summit, the next experience that will teach us a little bit more about ourselves. Always looking for the next thing that will make our lives more fulfilling. Whether it’s a startup or an app that we’ve built or embarking on enriching world travels that leave us cultured and homesick. That particular mix of restlessness and dissatisfaction stays with us, pushing us forward everyday. It lies quietly just under our everyday conversations gnawing at us or tapping softly yet insistently at the small world we’ve built for ourselves.

Not to say that that feeling never goes away. It does. Some days, there are moments of absolute calm and serenity where you know you’ve made good choices (whatever it may be: career, family, adventure etc.) and you’re at peace with yourself. Then there are other moments when you can feel the storm coming. You can hear it in the wind and the whisper of the leaves…


2 thoughts on “A storm is coming

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