#MicroblogMondays: Letter to Myself

Somebody asked me today what advice I would give to my 15 year old self and I was stumped. The fact that I was stumped surprised me so much that I thought I’d spend a few minutes penning down a small note to Mini-me.

Dear ST,


Everything you’re obsessing about right now will fix itself.

Over the next few years, your world is going to get so much tougher but so much better. You’re going to learn things about yourself that you never knew. You’re gonna grow in ways you didn’t think possible. And you’re going to realize the power of your own strength when things get rough.

You’re going to start believing in yourself. You’re going to chase new dreams with an open heart and complete abandon. You’ll be scared to your stomach – like butterflies on a sugar high – but you’ll stand there ready for the challenge. You’ll fall and give up more times than you should but you’ll also find strength in yourself and your talents.

You will learn to stop running and carve a niche for yourself. You’ll learn to embrace the quirky and the dreamy. You’ll begin to chase what you love and leave the naysayers by the wayside. You will experience so many amazing things that are just waiting for you.

So, relax. Your moment will come.

Just breathe and believe.


*This is an old post edited for Day 28 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – What advice would you give to a younger self?


5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: Letter to Myself

  1. I agree, a letter to your future self would be like an inspirational reminder to keep doing the good stuff and dump all the bad stuff. Oh, I wish I could have told myself to leave town as fast as humanly possible. To seek out mentors. To dump boyfriends earlier and with no regret.

  2. It’s lovely that the message most people would send back is of reassurance, trust in oneself and hope. Something to bear in mind when thinking that today’s problems are overwhelming… our future selves would probably tell us to ‘breathe and believe’.

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