#MicroblogMondays: Conversations

Such a simple word, isn’t it? How is it then that something so simple can be so elusive?

Conversations surround us everyday. From the moment we wake up to the time we close our eyes, we are bombarded with conversations. Some are meaningless in their chatter while with others, each word adds a new layer, another dimension. Those are the conversations I live for.

But they are rare. Even in the right company, a great conversation can be hard to find. For those of you wondering, I define a great conversation as one with wit, humor, a little bit of friendly banter and just enough of a basic hypothesis that it gets the wheels turning. (Growing up, the Gilmore Girls was my definition of versatile conversationalists and it is a standard that I aspire to even today.)

Gilmore Girls: Always finding a way to have the last word.Gilmore Girls: Always finding a way to have the last word

While these conversations can be hard to find, it is not impossible. I have found that sometimes surrounding yourself with people that you spark against, can often be a good way to create those interesting conversations and open yourself up to new debates.

Do you agree with my theory? Let me hear your thoughts.


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