These are a few of my favorite things…

Bee challenged me the other day that I couldn’t list 25 things that made me happy in fifteen minutes. Challenge accepted!

When the dog bites and the bees sting…

So in random order, here goes:

  1. Christmas
  2. Country music
  3. Dressing up
  4. Being my Dad’s favorite daughter
  5. Writing
  6. Rom-coms
  7. Lazing about on Saturday afternoons
  8. Sitting at the window watching the rain fall
  9. Coloring aimlessly + Doodling
  10. Splurging on a new dress
  11. Bike rides
  12. Getting lost in a soap opera
  13. Friendly banter
  14. A good murder mystery (I blame Agatha Christie and the Criminal Minds BAU team)
  15. Hanging out with my sisters
  16. Spoiling my youngest sister
  17. Merry go-rounds
  18. Caramel custard
  19. Arguing about pop culture
  20. The butterflies in your stomach when your plane takes off
  21. Dancing with friends
  22. Solving simple puzzles
  23. Family parties that turn into singing sessions
  24. Pepsi
  25. Discovering a new place’s secrets

How about you? Can you list down 25 things that make you happy? Tell me below what makes you 🙂


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