Day 1 – Find Your Tribe

Who am I writing for? The honest answer: I don’t know.

This blog started as an experiment to try and discover if I have a voice and if people would like it. Still stuck in that experimental phase, I don’t know who my tribe is just yet. I’m still playing with topics, trying to figure out what captures my imagination. Right now, I’m kind of leaning towards Hollywood.

With this blog, I’d love to find people that respond to what I have to say. I’d love to dissect romcoms and chick flicks and television series. I’d love to discuss upcoming shows, plot twists and character storylines. I’d love to have petty arguments and intellectual discussions about something as random as ‘Why Prue Halliwell’s death was a good thing’ or ‘Why Logan Huntzberger was the perfect boyfriend for Rory’. If either of those two statements made sense to you, then I want you in my tribe.

So either comment below or send me an email. Can’t wait to start having those conversations 🙂

*This is part of the 7-day Feel Good Blog Challenge.


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