How much do you see?


It’s something I’ve been preoccupied with recently ever since a coworker told me that they watch me. Sounds uber creepy, right? But that’s not the way they meant it. They meant that after a certain point, they had begun to understand my expressions, subtle behaviors and how I would react in a particular situation, which got me thinking.

On a practical level, I completely understand what they meant. Most of us do spend our days observing our friends, coworkers, family, casual strangers etc. We love to people watch and slot them into little categories in our minds. We love to observe others and then in safe zones, dissect our observations with like-minded companions.

However it can be a little unnerving to realize just how many people are watching you in turn. Do any of us ever realize how many people watch us every day, consciously or subconsciously, making a note of our behaviors and reactions?

Yes, it’s not something most of us register or would like to dwell on. Imagine going through your day feeling the weight of everybody’s stares *shiver*.

But I think I would like to know. Maybe not everybody and maybe not when they’re observing me. (It would be quite funny for them to come up and say: “I’m watching you”.) But I think I would be quite intrigued by what they have learnt. I would most definitely love the chance to discuss/debate their observations. (Yes, I’m fully aware of how narcissistic that sounds.)

So to my friends, coworkers and acquaintances, how much do you see?


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