Hey Universe, time to negotiate. Ready?

Most people don’t know this by looking at me but I’m a big believer in Fate, a higher being and sending out positive vibes into the world. The opposite holds true for me as well. I believe that any negative energy that I attract is as a result of me doing something vengeful or just somebody up there trying to mess with me.

Right now, I’m standing at the brink of quite a few adventures. Some are incredibly thrilling and some are insanely petrifying. Some dreams are coming true and with some I’ve only taken the first step. But I’ve got this insane, superstitious feeling that some of my plans will not work out if I talk about them too much (a perverse jinx, if you will).

If life finds out...

So my best plan right now is to hug my secrets close and ante up for a fun Life game with the Universe.

*This is part of the Six Word Saturday game with Cate.



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