Is 2016 the magic number?

Surely seems so. In the past few weeks, I’ve been bombarded by trailers and previews of so many amazing shows and movies. Every time something catches my eye, it’s often followed by the dreaded 2016 release date. (Yes, i’m fully aware that’s it only three months away but it feels like a lifetime.)

Think I’m exaggerating? Just look at the 2016 lineup in store: 

A. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 2016)

Starting off, how sexy is this logo? The storyline looks pretty good as well and the star-studded cast is just one of the highlights. The plot continues from WB’s Man of Steel and is beautifully integrated with beloved lead characters (Amy Adams, Diane Lane) making an appearance.  And for those of you who think Ben Affleck was miscast, I dare you to watch this trailer.

B. The Notebook (TV series)

Who hasn’t dreamt of the day when the McGosling magic would be recreated? Thankfully the CW and Nicholas Sparks have teamed up to come to our rescue. According to Hollywood Reporter, the new television series will focus on Noah and Allie’s marriage and how they built a life together *squeals*.

C. Fuller House

Everywhere you look, there’s a heart, a hand to hold on to….This one is pure nostalgia. Little DJ Tanner is all grown up and ready to experience the trials of adult life in Fuller House. I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Taking me straight back to my childhood, Fuller House (the modern-day sequel to Full House) will feature all of our old favorite characters and more importantly, the feel-good camaraderie of the original *can’t wait*. Accordingly to the story line, Stephanie and Kimmy will move in with the now widowed mother DJ Tanner-Fuller to help raise her kids. Flashback anyone? 


Image credit:

C. The Powerpuff Girls

This is another one for the nostalgia pile (What is it with reboots?). Recently, Cartoon Network announced that they would be bringing back the popular Powerpuff Girls in an all new avatar. It may sound childish but I’m quite excited to see this one. Going by the simpleton shows currently being aired on Cartoon Network India, I think Powerpuff Girls 2.0 would be a welcome change.

D. Shadowhunters


Image Credit: ABC

Fans of Cassandra Clare and Lily Collins will recognize this one. Set against a starkly supernatural world, Shadowhunters focuses on the eternal fight between angels and demons with a whole host of other supernaturals thrown in between. The series is definitely worth a read for Harry Potter/ Twillight/ The Secret Circle fans. Back in 2013, the movie adaptation – The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones was released with Lily Collins and Jamie Campell Bower essaying the lead roles. While I have no problem with either of them as actors, I have my fingers crossed that the new leads to be cast as Jace-Clary, would have better chemistry in the television version.

What about you? What are you most looking forward to watching in 2016?


8 thoughts on “Is 2016 the magic number?

  1. I’m longing for popples to start again on netflix. Loved them as a child, and will hopefully still do so. And I will love to see how the new power puff girls come put./love Ida

  2. These all sound very interesting. I’m really excited about the Notebook! But honestly, I am ready for my favorite fall shows to come on. I’m really looking forward to 2 Broke Girls and Nashville! Great post! I’m stopping by from the Sunday Blog Hop! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


  3. Hey there! Stopping by from the Sunday Blog Hop linky on Thank you so much for linking up! Hmm… Maybe 2016 is the magic year. I cannot wait for Fuller House. I’ve been loving Girl Meets World, so I expect it to deliver as well. Plus Batman vs Superman.. I mean come on! Such great things to come. Hope to see you again on the next linky 🙂

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