#MicroblogMondays: The Dress

Most of my friends will attest to the fact that I hate shopping with a vengeance. All those long lines, the endless shops, the manic crowd, the heat, the hopelessness of not finding something that catches your eye even after you’ve browsed through a million shops… I could go on. But there is one thing that makes me break my ‘Minimum Shopping‘ rule – Dresses.

I could go mad shopping for dresses. They are my one luxurious indulgence. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved hunting for that perfect dress for each occasion.The thrill of finding one is quite magical.

Obviously being female, there are rules as to what dresses fall in that ‘perfect dress‘ category. The dress must hide all flabby curves and flatter appropriate angles. Certain colors flatter and must be hunted for relentlessly.

Brooke Davis

There is only one Brooke Davis.

Contrary to how most people shop, I don’t take into account my body shape. First, I look for colors that catch my eyes. Upon closer inspection, I analyse the design. Any unnecessary ruffles, buttons, embroidery automatically shift the dress to the reject pile. Same goes for heavy, high maintenance materials. I believe that all my dresses should be easy-to-wear and suitable across occasions – drinks with friends, important meeting, family party etc. After all, each dress is an investment, another piece to my collection.

Last step, how does the dress feel?. Does it look good under the dressing room lights? Does it fit in all the right places? Would I be comfortable running around in this dress? Yes to all the above? Then, off to the counter we go.

This might seem like a long, drawn-out process. But when you find that perfect dress, it’s like ‘Ohmigod, where have you been all my life?‘ And that feeling my friends, is completely worth all that happens before.


Becky Bloomwood had one thing right.

What about you? Does shopping feel like sprinting hurdles to you? Let me know in the comments below. 


6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: The Dress

  1. I detest shopping, especially for dresses (when I wore dresses). About the only item of clothing I may tolerate shopping for is socks. Oh, okay and shoes. But, not shoes for the sake of shoes. If I need shoes, I go get shoes. I typically don’t buy what I don’t need.

  2. I am not a clothes shopper either (except for recently I have found that I love the online store Desigual!!). Bras are the worst thing to have to shop for, just because I hate that piece of clothing the most. However, I love shopping for my kids’ clothes in 2nd hand shops. Tons of fun finding cute clothes at a bargain.

  3. Cannot do clothing shopping at all. I needed jeans this weekend, and I walked into the store and ended up walking out without trying anything on because it felt too overwhelming. BUT I will say that shopping for my daughter is fun. She bought a dress this weekend, and it felt like a big game of dressup.

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