Midnight Ramblings

Please note that this post is a snapshot of the way my mind rappels between thoughts on sleepless nights and as such, is not entitled to make sense. 

Why won’t he talk to me? God, why do I sound like that? Maybe I should not care. Yeah, I think a bout of self-imposed radio silence would do us both good.

I think I could manage a few days of self-imposed radio silence. In fact, it may even be good for me to not make inane conversation just for the sake of a smile or a pity laugh. Maybe a little time away from him would be perfect for me to focus on myself. (God knows I need help there.)

Do you think it’s the false leaps that everyone else is making that has him running? Or maybe I’m overthinking this and he really is swamped with the million things on his plate. Maybe he’d spare a smile for me when he’s a little less strapped for time. Wow, I sound desperate even to myself. Maybe my second instinct was right and I should just focus on myself right now.

Friends will come, boys will come and Cupid may even give me a second glance. Just not today. So today and for the immediate future, I just need to be patient. That’s how it works, right?

Oh, go to sleep already! Tomorrow will come soon enough. But what if I…No, shouldn’t think about that. Might jinx myself. Damn, got to go to sleep now.

Which innermost fears plague you in the dead of the night? (You all know which ones I’m talking about.)


One thought on “Midnight Ramblings

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