Back to the Childhood

Last week the fair rolled into town and I was ecstatic. When a coworker asked me what I was so excited about, I immediately responded: The rides! This was met with amused bafflement. They didn’t understand, couldn’t comprehend the allure of amusement park rides to someone who graduated from university a good five years ago.  Well, they definitely missed out. How often do you get the chance to be a kid again?


What’s so fun about growing up?

On the last night of the fair, my little sister and I had a blast trying out all the rides and gorging ourselves on caramel popcorn and pani-puri. Feeling your stomach scramble as you go around the Ferris Wheel or not being able to catch your breath as your boogie ricochets from one corner to another on the Breakdance are delicious feelings that shouldn’t be left behind in childhood. That feeling of scoping out the best rides, waiting in long lines as the anticipation slowly builds, hearing the kids scream and the parents laugh – Why would you not want to be there?

# # # # #

Today, I skipped out of work for a couple of hours (barely two) with some of my friends to go *wait for it* window-shopping, cute guy spotting and of course, splurging on food. Thankfully, my job does allow for me to work on-the-go from anywhere so a spontaneous, random shopping plan fit right into my day 🙂 Highlight of my impromptu trip was this sweet telescope I got with my Happy Meal (if I’m stepping into a kid’s shoes, then….). Close second was the twenty minutes I spent rambling around a bookstore on sale (So many favorites to check out, so little time).


# # # # #

What about you? What makes you feel like a kid again and would you want to be one, even for a few minutes?

*This is in response to the Day 12 prompt of Writing 101 which focused on a series of vignettes with a running theme. (Fully aware I’m a little past the deadline.)


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