#MicroblogMondays: Laws of Family


When you live close to a large family like mine, certain things are assumed.

  1. Everyone knows everything. Whether it’s bad grades, losing your wallet or dating someone new, just assume that your family knows everything. Even the extended family. Odds are they probably do or even if they don’t, the thriving family grapevine will ensure that they do soon enough.
  2. Nothing follows a straight line. All communication will be done through roundabout calls, texts and messages. That’s just how family communicates. For example, “Hey, Aunt — called for you, to remind to pick up —- and send it to —— (cousin).” or “Did you talk to Aunt — to send our regards to —- (cousin)? It’s her birthday you know.
  3. Family looks out for family. That means even if they have to get out of bed at 1 am to pick you up from the airport or drop you off at the train station at 4 am, they will. Unfortunately, that same protective instinct will extend to analyzing your prospective friends/significant others.
  4. Food is always better on the other side. When you’re at home, somehow the food doesn’t taste as good as when you’re at your aunt’s/ uncle’s/ cousin’s/ grandparents’ place. You live for the days when your favorite leftovers are sent over, especially for you.

What unspoken rules are observed in your family? Let me know in the comments below. 


9 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: Laws of Family

  1. We don’t plan. The big stuff we do: Thanksgiving, Christmas. However, everything else is most likely last minute. Drove my soon to be ex husband crazy. I love it.

  2. WOw.. I have lived all my life in a BIG FAmily everyone stayed together and since we lived in a city many of my cousins also came over to live to study from our village.

    It toook a LONG long time to get used to living alone when i came to uk..

  3. I come from a joint family, which means I identify with all the points. Funny thing is my friends, especially guy friends still have to go through those grilling sessions whenever they are invited to a family gathering because there is always someone who hasn’t been introduced. Its funny to see the most confident guy sweat in front of those silent stares.

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