Think about what you want right now. Is it that promotion you’ve been eyeing or that country you’ve been longing to visit? Is it that reward you’ve promised yourself after you finish that last set of reps or is it that conversation you’ve been waiting to have with someone special? Feel those butterflies dancing about in your belly. That’s hope.

A small voice that cries out in the dark, ‘What if?’ A silent whisper taming those demons that come for you late at night. A slight nudge that gives you the strength to carry on even when you’re scared. That’s hope.

It can be a beautiful thing but it can also be foolish and irrational. When you hope freely without caution, you don’t see everything. (Just a theory) You start to think ‘Maybe I’m overthinking this. Maybe my gut is wrong. It’s not infallible. Just this once, it could be wrong.

So should we stop hoping?


Always keep hoping. Whisper hopes for your loved ones, for the stranger who smiled at you on your way to work, for that friend you forgot to call. Send up little hopes every other hour. Let them float up high, like imaginary balloons in all shapes and colors filling up the sky. After all, you never know which ones might just come true.


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