Blast from the Past

Today, by some strange twist of fate, I got the chance to interview someone I went to school with over a decade ago: an upcoming indie musician – Tejas Menon. Up until very recently, I had no idea that he chosen to make a career in music nor had I heard anything about him at all. Not since he graduated all those years ago.

When I accidentally caught one of his gigs earlier this year (Small world, huh?), I couldn’t believe my ears. I was instantly thrown back into the past, back to another amazing performance. Back to those days where I fangirled over the amazing seniors who were two years older than me. That entire batch of seniors was so talented. They had the brains, the voices, the talent. They had actors that could hold an entire audience transfixed and enough sporting talent to win a lot of trophies. All of those memories came flooding back as I watched him croon his way through a fun set of timeless classics and some of his original work. That night, I left with the resolve to check out more of his work.

Listening to his debut album ‘Small Victories‘, I was pleasantly surprised. A nice mix of easy listening music, it was quite a turn from the Elvis covers he was known to do back in school, but equally great. Then as luck would have it, a few weeks later I was assigned to interview him for a story (Click on the image).

Blast from the Past

Image Credit: Kadak Apple Records

While we chatted, I began to realize just how long ago my school days really were and how much I had grown as a person since then. (I’m sure most twenty somethings will recognize this feeling). Sometimes when you feel like you’re constantly stuck in one place, it’s good to come across something that shows you just how far you’ve come. This interview was that tangible reminder for me, aside from being a good story.

PS – In case you’d like to hear Tejas’ music, you can check him out here.


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