#MicroblogMondays: A Fine Jigsaw

Don’t you just love those days when a post forms itself seamlessly in your head? Those days when the words come together of their own accord. You can see the story start to form in your head. A little tweak here, or there. Maybe you shift a paragraph down. You add an element at the top, take another away. Maybe add a line. Or a picture to complement that statement. And all the while, the story is being molded in your head.



Like a fine jigsaw puzzle, the pieces slowly come together. Ideas start clicking and you spot the connections. Sometimes you have to diligently hunt through a lot of material for that cornerstone thought and sometimes it reveals itself to you as you take a quick scan.

The last week or so has been like that for me. Stories appearing to me when I least expect them to. Post ideas that have been bubbling on the back burner are now suddenly sparked into life. While on the train or during my lunch hour, I try to sift through them, placing the pieces together. Sometimes I can see the final product and sometimes I set them aside, waiting for the image to reveal itself to me.

Do you think writing is like solving a jigsaw puzzle?


5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: A Fine Jigsaw

  1. I definitely know the feeling you describe here. Most days, I feel in over my head–like I’ve started a 1,000 piece puzzle and can’t seem to find anything that fits together. But then come the magical days when they just start clicking. I LOVE this metaphor–it fits very well with writing! Best of luck putting all your pieces together! I look forward to seeing what comes of it. 🙂

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