That Morning Battle


I’m not a morning person. I’m not. I’m the type to hit the snooze button thrice, dutifully reset it for ten minutes later and then snooze it once again. Which is why it’s pretty amazing that I managed to land a job that starts a full ninety minutes after most other offices begin.

While this may seem like a perfect situation to all you night owls / morning slackers out there, it does lead to arbitrary feelings of guilt on occasion. For example, my morning commute.

As I’m driving past the nursery at the end of the lane stifling a yawn, I spot these little munchkins being let out after a long day at school.. As I’m heading to work, they’re trekking home with their guardians and care-givers. As I’m just beginning my day, they’re winding shop. As I plan ahead to the day’s meetings, they’re planning ahead to their afternoon nap. And this cycle happens every day. If you thought you were unproductive at work, try feeling unproductive before your day even begins. (P.S – Did I mention they were three or four-year-olds? Kinda just ups the unproductivity factor, doesn’t it?)

But I’m a positive thinker. I believe that some battles in life are meant to be conceded and that this would be one of those battles.

Sometimes you just gotta let the munchkins win.


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