#MicroblogMondays: The Walk That Changed The World

Stumbled across this video earlier today and was completely blown away. For those of you who’ve seen it, I’m aware that I’m about five years too late to this party but I think it’s a video that deserves a repeat run.

Narrated by the inimitable Robert Carlyle, this video has been so beautifully crafted that you could almost imagine the tale being recounted at a local Scottish tavern. A brilliant piece of advertising, the video neatly outlines the history of the household label – Johnnie Walker – in true fable style.







In a world where most alcohol brands trumpet about celebrating good times and making a difference, here’s a brand that stands out purely because of who they are.

The granddaddy of whiskies, Johnnie Walker wears its age with great pride and ‘The Man Who Walked Around The World’ shows you why it works for them.

Robert Carlyle

Did you enjoy the video? Were you impressed or have you seen better brand videos?


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