The Contagion of Happiness

You’re sitting at a bar with a group of friends and you can’t help but quickly scan people as they enter, mentally sorting them into different groups. Some are dressed to kill, some here to kill time and some make you pause for a moment. There’s nothing special about this last set. They are probably just like everybody else who walked in, except for one rare, elusive quality: they’re happy.

Most of us spend years chasing happiness. But these rare individuals seem to have it figured out or at least they give a mighty fine impression of it. That barely noticeable spring in their step as they stroll in, the slight tilt of their lips as they glance around the room, that quick smirk – all signs that we wouldn’t consciously notice but somehow it captures our attention and we’re captivated (if only for a few seconds). We catch them smiling or laughing and we smile along, wanting to be a part of that elusive moment.

And isn’t that the secret of happiness? It’s not in the big things. It’s not in checking off every item on your bucket list. That’s fulfillment. It’s not in making a name for yourself. That’s accomplishment. It’s in the little things….

It’s smiling at a stranger across a train carriage.

It’s watching sunlight flirt with the leaves of a tree.

It’s skipping over cracks in the sidewalk. 

It’s wishing someone ‘Good Morning’ and watching them light up. 

It’s watching the clouds float by when you glance up from your desk.

It’s holding a warm mug of coffee in your hands.

…. and many more. 

Those elusive, fleeting moments every day make life worth living and I’m grateful for them. How will you choose to be happy today? 🙂


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