Make Way For The Royals

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a prince or a princess once upon a time? Who hasn’t imagined that they could switch lives and wake up one day rich and famous?

A prince or a princess… Living a life of utter luxury with a bevy of servants at your beck and call. Front row seats at the hottest parties, a private plane for when you want to jet-set across the world and all the other deliciously extravagant luxuries that come with the title.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being royal?


Now imagine your life playing out in front of millions.

Imagine having to be camera-ready 24×7 as the world watches your every move.

Your biggest heartbreaks, stupidest mistakes, whirlwind romances – all fodder for the adoring masses. Whether you’re celebrating or grieving, your every moment belongs to them – the People.

And if you thought the cameras outside were bad, they are nothing compared to the eyes that follow you within the palace. Some friend, some foe.

That infinite-luxury-with-a-steep-price is what lies at the heart of E!’s The Royals.

The Royals 1

For E!’s first foray into scripted television, this show gives as good as it promises.

Glamour, conspiracy, sex, drama, witty banter and a great soundtrack; this glitzy, fast-paced narrative has it all in spades. While some of the characters and story arcs seem familiar (sibling rivalry, struggle for the throne, the partying princess), there are just enough twists  and grey shades to keep viewers hooked.

After blitzing my way through two seasons of The Royals, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Everyone’s fighting a hidden battle.
  2. Jasper’s the bodyguard we’ve all dreamed of and…
  3. Always be a badass, even if you’re hurting inside.

Who is your 'The Royals' doppelganger? (TV review)

Like with any good drama, you end up picking sides and rooting for certain characters to triumph. For me, Princess Eleanor stole the show. Essayed by the beautiful Alexandra Park, this is one character that kept me hooked throughout.

Part of Eleanor’s appeal is that she both epitomizes and yet defies the general stereotypes one would have about monarchs. (You’ll have to watch the show to understand what I mean.)


All in all, if you’re a soaps or drama fan, The Royals is a definite must-watch!

Have you checked out The Royals? I’d love to hear your thoughts below 🙂


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