B is for Bookmarks

I was a little stumped when I sat down to create something for today so being a list-maker, I started a list! I quickly scribbled down words beginning in ‘B’ waiting to see if any jumped out at me. For a while there, I was vacillating between butterflies and balloons before inspiration struck in the form of Pinterest.

While browsing through beautiful craft projects, I stumbled upon these handy DIY videos illustrating how easy it was to make quirky corner bookmarks. So I armed myself with a pair of scissors, a trusty glue-stick, a few scraps of colored paper, some sketch pens and a short 40 minutes later, voila!


The quick brown fox jumped over the hazy Minion 😛

Aren’t they a book lover’s dream?

(Please excuse the terrible photo production. I’m still trying to grasp the concept of proper lighting.)

If you’d like to learn how to make them, do drop by RED TED Art. They’ve got some beautiful (surprisingly easy) designs posted there. 



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