Are You TRUE to You?

“People are scared to be themselves. That’s why they choose to be generic. To have generic opinions, generic memories. They’re scared to say what they think. They’re afraid of looking stupid. 

My problem with you is that you’re afraid to tell the truth. You’re comfortable with mediocrity…”

I can still feel the ripple effects of your words. They echo within me as I approach each decision. Whenever I think about my future (or what I’d like my life to be like), I hear your voice. I can feel your eyes watching me, questioning me why I’m choosing the safe route. The easy route. The boring one. You make me wonder if I’m holding myself back…

I know you’re trying to help. You want me to be brave, to succeed, to discover my true potential.

But you don’t help.

You don’t make me feel brave. You make me feel scared. You make me look at the road ahead of me and wonder if I’m strong enough. You make me question my voice, second-guess every choice…

Am I really designing the life I want? Or am I just generic like everyone else? Do I stand up and fight for what I want or am I blindly chasing more mediocrity under the guise of what I think I want? Am I so comfortable in this mold of ‘genericness‘ that I fail to see the rut I’ve placed myself in? Or is that your perception of me?

Where does the line between being generic and being true fall? Am I straddling that line? Or am I just fooling myself? How do I even tell…

How do I figure out if my dreams – the dreams I’ve given up everything to chase – are worth it? What if they’re average and generic and serve no purpose at all? Is that okay? Am I allowed to want to have a completely average life or is that another new-age delusion I’ve fooled myself into believing?

The questions go round and round, opening up a bigger can of worms each time I try to answer them. Your voice echoes in my head and I wonder if I should trust it. Should I trust your words? I know you mean well. I know you’re looking out for me but your voice, your advice just makes everything so much tougher. The questions weigh me down and I struggle to fight my way through…

I can feel you on the sidelines asking me to hold on just a little longer… To fight my way to those answers. Cautioning me that the easy answers – the ones that just come to me – are not the ones I seek. Promising me that if I fight a little longer, I’ll find my way to the truth. To the person I truly am…

And again I wonder, with the remnants of your voice in my head, am I strong enough?


*This is part of this week’s Finish The Sentence Friday challenge – ‘I feel the ripple effects of…


2 thoughts on “Are You TRUE to You?

  1. You speak my heart out in this one. Why do people always walk on egg shells? Why are they afraid of looking stupid. Since when did being stupid become more disgusting than being a horrible person who likes to put people down. Stupid is heart warming. Stupid is true. Stupid is being bold even.
    Be true to you. Even if you do sound or look stupid and vague. It’s not your flaw but it’s their’s who judge you for your every move.

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