Nostalgia’s A Tricky Thing

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Do you ever ache for a place?

A place where you felt safe or challenged or content. A place that helped you become the person you are today.

I’ve amassed quite a few of these places. Places that I would love to go back to. Places that are now relegated to glittering memories.

On the rare occasion when I do go back to these places, it feels like coming home. My body remembers it. The building, the sounds, the way it looks at night. The people, the layout, the faces, the routines. It all comes back. It feels familiar and oddly comforting, like nothing’s changed.

And yet, everything has.

I’m no longer a part of the scene. What used to be my turf is now a stranger’s paradise. Words, briefs and tasks; things I used to excel at now fly over my head. What once was a familiar code is now a language I haven’t learnt. The rules of the office have changed and I’m just somebody’s guest.

Still I cling to my nostalgia, to my memory. I scan the landscape for familiar faces, people I remember fondly. But they’re gone. They’ve either moved on or are part of this world I can no longer access.

Hardened and stressed,  some of them look like they could use a hug. But it could be a trick of the glass. I’m not used to being on this side of the window.

My nostalgia gathered around me, I wait for that glittering memory to reappear. For the world to be golden again. I begin to see glimpses of it but it dies down pretty quickly and all I’m left with is a faint sense of a world I used to inhabit.


What about you? Is there a place that has seeped into your bones? Would you go back if you had the chance? Let me know below…


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