#Friday Feeling: Home

A couple of months ago, I came across a interesting author – Deepak Unnikrishnan – who forced me to examine where I come from.

In the past, I’ve briefly spoken about life in Dubai, my childhood and the things I’ve missed the most. But I’ve never mentioned what it feels to be an expat in a country that’s not your own.
Few people know this but the United Arab Emirates is one country where it’s almost impossible to go from being an expat to a citizen. In the UAE, expats are not allowed to own property, however, they can rent or lease properties for an extended amount of time, sometimes even decades. This kind of impermanence can leave a mark on a person’s psyche and affect what they call home.
Through this video, I try to explore how some Gulf expats have made their peace with this transient lifestyle.

Let me know what you thought below 🙂


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