Make Way For The Royals

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a prince or a princess once upon a time? Who hasn’t imagined that they could switch lives and wake up one day rich and famous?

A prince or a princess… Living a life of utter luxury with a bevy of servants at your beck and call. Front row seats at the hottest parties, a private plane for when you want to jet-set across the world and all the other deliciously extravagant luxuries that come with the title.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being royal?

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Something wicked this way comes…

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Something wicked this way comes…

Halloween’s here! The one night a year when all things supernatural come out to play. That one moment when the magic hour beckons and the night is filled with all kinds of possibilities. Embracing the spirit of all things magical, I’ve decided that this year, I’m gonna get cozy and sit back with my favorite magical family – The Charmed Ones.

Prue Halliwell at her professorial best

Somebody call me?

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Day 1 – Find Your Tribe

Who am I writing for? The honest answer: I don’t know.

This blog started as an experiment to try and discover if I have a voice and if people would like it. Still stuck in that experimental phase, I don’t know who my tribe is just yet. I’m still playing with topics, trying to figure out what captures my imagination. Right now, I’m kind of leaning towards Hollywood.

With this blog, I’d love to find people that respond to what I have to say. I’d love to dissect romcoms and chick flicks and television series. I’d love to discuss upcoming shows, plot twists and character storylines. I’d love to have petty arguments and intellectual discussions about something as random as ‘Why Prue Halliwell’s death was a good thing’ or ‘Why Logan Huntzberger was the perfect boyfriend for Rory’. If either of those two statements made sense to you, then I want you in my tribe.

So either comment below or send me an email. Can’t wait to start having those conversations 🙂

*This is part of the 7-day Feel Good Blog Challenge.

Quantico and why ABC has cast itself into a corner

Recently I came across ABC’s new terrorist drama: ‘Quantico’, premiering later this year. Watching former Miss World Priyanka Chopra entering the hallowed halls of ‘Quantico’, I felt a visceral reaction that can in summed up in three short sentences: Great premise. Promising secondary cast. Who hired Priyanka Chopra?

Still from ABC’s Quantico

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