Do you hear that siren call?

For years I’ve lived with this feeling. A sense that something better was waiting around the corner. Lingering, biding its time. Quietly gnawing at me.

Some may call it restlessness; others dissatisfaction with the here and the now. Some wise souls might even recognize in it the stirrings of that esteemed emotion…  Continue reading


Why I Keep Quitting My Job



That nagging feeling that something’s not quite right.

During my first few years in the workforce, I used to pride myself on my dedication to the job. On sticking with it, even when most of my counterparts had waltzed off in search of money or promotions. I was proud of my misguided dedication.

Once I felt sufficiently entrenched in my job, I started looking out for a new challenge. It seemed like the perfect time to look at another dream: solo adventures. So I reached out to my AIESEC network, got matched to a dream destination and started prepping for my little adventure. A few weeks later, I was happily vacationing in the Italian countryside.

And that’s where it all changed… Continue reading