Why I Keep Quitting My Job



That nagging feeling that something’s not quite right.

During my first few years in the workforce, I used to pride myself on my dedication to the job. On sticking with it, even when most of my counterparts had waltzed off in search of money or promotions. I was proud of my misguided dedication.

Once I felt sufficiently entrenched in my job, I started looking out for a new challenge. It seemed like the perfect time to look at another dream: solo adventures. So I reached out to my AIESEC network, got matched to a dream destination and started prepping for my little adventure. A few weeks later, I was happily vacationing in the Italian countryside.

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Make Way For The Royals

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a prince or a princess once upon a time? Who hasn’t imagined that they could switch lives and wake up one day rich and famous?

A prince or a princess… Living a life of utter luxury with a bevy of servants at your beck and call. Front row seats at the hottest parties, a private plane for when you want to jet-set across the world and all the other deliciously extravagant luxuries that come with the title.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being royal?

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The Contagion of Happiness

You’re sitting at a bar with a group of friends and you can’t help but quickly scan people as they enter, mentally sorting them into different groups. Some are dressed to kill, some here to kill time and some make you pause for a moment. There’s nothing special about this last set. They are probably just like everybody else who walked in, except for one rare, elusive quality: they’re happy.

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